Using Warhorn For Purge Help

I don’t know if this is already possible but I was thinking that to add more cooperation and some excitement to the game we should have some public events that the server can participate on, one thing I was thinking was using the warhorn when a Purge is upon you and you need help. Doing so will add a marker on the map that everyone can see in which then people can decide if they will help or not. This would be very helpful in pve. Plus it will help players looking for those specific npc or loot they are looking for more often so it’s a win for all sides. I am sure it might cause some problems if too many players arrive and etc but what do you guys think?


I think that’s a fantastic idea

It would be…

Great idea btw. but purge now is bugging like hell. you won’t even need to “notice it”

XXXXX scouting your lands
20 sec later XXXXXX defeated

You won’t even see enemy at all. and in 20 sec nobody can come to your aid :smiley: IF you even had the time to use your warhorn. :smiley:
But after a later bugfix I’d like to have your idea as a working thing.

Well to be honest I am thankful the purge isn’t working for me right now because I am just not ready as I play in no clan and in official. However I hope this feature is added so that way it can be helpful to everyone. I feel when a purge emerge, using the warhorn will make it also fun to those with no clan but that would like to play with others in the server.