Horn of Purge Attacks

You make a new type of horn or use one of the horns to call a purge (by blowing the horn) the purge would be tied to the horn which player that uses the horn cannot drop or put away in any type is storage but must be kept on his person till the purge is over … this could be a way for those who want purge attacks and those that don’t

Forgot to add that there would be a cool down period for the horn after each use maybe 24hrs

Just think you can have fun with friends with this horn for example pick a spot somewhere setup defenses then blow the horn

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Though I’m don’t really agree with the idea of “skipping” the purge system on official servers, I must admit I really like the idea of summoning more of them on demand !

Could be a great tool, in pve and for roleplay means also.

It could exploited in so many ways fx to destroy bases on PVE server, so no thanks, imagine people setting up a horn just outside another persons base and when the purge comes, you just climb their walls… well you can guess the result :face_with_monocle:

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It should still target the buildings of the clan / the player who blown the horn and not the player himself. Like the real purge already target your base.

Then, no exploit or at least only the one that can arleady be used (e.g. building very close to somebody and wait for the purge to come, sometime the npc attack “what is on their path” instead of “what they have come for”).

Purge always target buildings of clan/player but you can easily drag them to someone else base and make it attack their base, you can already do this if a purge is nearby, so imagine you logging in to see your base having been hit by several purges… It would be catastrophic, also how about several people triggering a purge at the same time, it could likely cause the server to crash.

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I could sort of see this as a feature added to the teleportation obelisks to prevent block-walling them. Like, activate the horn, and a Purge strikes the base nearest the Obelisk within a certain distance.

While I’m all for this in principle, it seems unlikely, considering that the Purges’ current implementation (super-fast meter decay) is there because Purges are hard on servers.

This suggestion would be great for tearing down troll structures on PvE servers. Unfortunately, it would also be great for trolls to use to grief those playing the game as intended.

That’s just not how the purge works. The enemies will simply attack any player-owned structures/AIs in-between where they spawn and where their destination is regardless of the owning clan. This is why I routinely have to caution newbies against building right by my base (PvE server), and why their bases routinely get wiped when they don’t listen. My purges see theirs before reaching mine and instead of walking past, will attack it instead. And yes, this is on an unmodded official server.

Something like this would need to be implemented as a mod, as core gameplay it would be disastrous in the extreme.

Well alright thanks for correcting.
However if blowing that said horn makes the purge spawn near one of your bases and ready to attack it (that’s the point I was targeting when speaking of the current way it works), what’s the difference then between those purges on demand and the basic one ? :stuck_out_tongue:

A horn that lets you call a purge on-demand, and at the base where you blow it, and you can’t figure out how that’s a significantly better tool for trolls than how it is now? Really?

The difference is that now a troll would have to fill their purge meter, build a small shack by the person they intend to harass, destroy all of their own bases except that shack, and then wait for the purge to decide it wants to go off in order to attack that specific spot.

However, with the suggestion you’ve made, they could simply fill their purge meter, build a small shack by their victim, and then blow the horn to call in the artillery. They wouldn’t have to worry about their real bases getting purged, they wouldn’t have to sacrifice any of their own belongings.

That’s the difference!

Well I don’t see why the target system would change, purge would still be going for the biggest density of placeable or whatever the mechanism behind the choice of attack site.

And we’re talking about a way, with an intern cooldown as proposed by @Strider5599 , to force a purge, so independently of the purge meter (though blowing the horn could also empty the meter).

I’m not the OP btw :slight_smile: I just find their idea cool and try to defend it with that small modification : players shouldn’t be able to choose where the mobs strike, so keeping the way purge system chooses the spawning area. I’ve never talked about choosing where but rather choosing when and how much.

More purges if you like them !

The horn could be stationary, like the ones in the game already. I Love the idea since I’ve played since the game came out and never seen a purge! Lol

Ah ok, lost sight of that. But yeah in their original string of posts, the OP said:

That’s the part I was waving a red flag about.

Lol I don’t know why people play PvE, it’s so stressful! It’s like reality! You find a home, damn someone claimed the land. You find another home, your neighbor is an ■■■■■■■. You go to a cave, walled off. You get frustrated, but are bound by the laws of the game to stay civil! I prefer to blow things up and smash them with trebuchets!

I think it could be a good idea for an admin spawn tool say for single player and or private servers where maybe a solo player wants a purge so the admin spawns in a single use horn. They get the purge and no one else really has to worry

Well your right trolls could take advantage of that sooooo how about horn won’t blow if your new a another players base or it doesn’t actually have to be a horn it could be some type of banner or decorative item that you have to place down and won’t place near or player bases the point is the idea of being able to call forth a purge for like testing a defense, bringing friends together and have fun fighting off a purge together, or even to capture T4 thralls that you can only get in a purge

And remember the purge that’s called in is drawn to the banner or whatever decorative device is placed down so you can’t lead a purge to other player bases cause they won’t follow you the purge will only try to destroy the banner or decorative device placed down once device is destroyed the purge will just disappear

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