Pet bug 0 Damage and Armor pen

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: all

My new great wolf is cool, but the problem is he started with 0 atack and 0 armor pen, passes 15 lvls i know he gettin strong but still 0 on stats, in my hyena and mamoth its ok but in the wolf is bugged, i checked twice now all the wolfs is with the same problem ! Checked again some animals and the jaguar is with 0 the rhino is with 0 too 15804217459833637596784545596028|375x500

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.turn the great wolf in the totemic ways
2.look to the stats
3.realyze that impossible to be 0
4.lvl up to see if chance, log in log out close the application come back, still the same

Hey @LilkingsBr

We’re aware of this issue. It seems to be a UI problem notifying of 0 damage and armor pen, however those real values are intact from what it’s supposed to be so your pet should damage enemies normally.
Our team is looking into it.
Thanks for the feedback.

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Same issue. Tamed 5 pets yesterday - 3 tigers, 2 Saber - all five when placed had 0 damage in their stats and did 0 damage against enemies when tested. Levelling them did nothing to fix the issue, they still dealt 0 damage as stats suggested. Playing on private pvp enabled server. Most pets are fine after taming in pen and being placed, with the exception of lions, which have all had 0 damage output. Any feedback at all would be appreciated as my friend is very grumpy (some people lack patience) about this and I’d like it if he didn’t stop playing…

Also the sandstorm isn’t working correctly, sometimes it doesn’t decrease health and is mainly just a circular white light in the centre of the screen, with sound effects. Great game, amazing game.

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