Pets spawning with 0 damage

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pets spawning with 0 damage after jan 30 patch

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1.Gathered 5 lions and 5 rhinos .Tamed them and then put them in fridge for 24 hrs . (had to work) day placed all of them. All have 0 damage .Leveled up 1 lion and 1 rhino to lvl 4 and neither have any damage on on pet screen. They have about 4 str. When they attack they still do some damage.May be visual only not sure

Hey @Manegus

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We’re aware of this issue. It seems to be a UI malfunction where it reports 0 instead of whatever value that pet would have in both damage and armor penetration, but their practical values should still be the intended. Our team is looking into it.
Thanks for the feedback.

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