Pet crocodile is invisible or not spawned correctly

Game mode: [Single-player)]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [US]

I have two greater crocodile pets that I had set up in front of my base on the bank of a river and after taking one to the Gallaman’s tomb dungeon nearby I ran back to base and set it to stop following. Didn’t pay any mind to it after that, but when I came back from looting other items, I noticed that the crocodile was gone.

Visually, the pet can’t be found, but after trying to triangulate with feed box ranges, it seems like the pet should be close to where I had left it. I’ve tried re-logging and the event log says that there is a greater crocodile had returned home, but still can’t find it.

New to the game, so there might be an easy solution to respawning the pet, but from what I’ve read, seems like that’s a no-go.

Help, please!

As another note, I’ve tried pulling aggro of a few wild crocs to try and coax it to wander back into existence and fight, but that also doesn’t seem to work. The pet also does not seem to produce its own noise.

Hey @igglebock

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Since you mention this is happening in Single Player, could you try checking under the mesh with ghost mode activated to see if the crocodile has fallen under it?

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Totally worked! The crocodile was floating just below the ground mesh where I had left it. Thank you!

As a side note, do you think this happened because I left it in [Scouting]?

At any rate, thanks again, saved me a lot of hassle.

We’re currently aware of some situations in which pets and thralls would fall under the mesh. Our team is investigating as a part of our ongoing plan to revamp the followers feature.
Apologies for the inconvenience and glad you found your crocopet.


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