Unmovable pet crocodiles

Game mode: Single player
Type of issue: misc
Server type: -
Region: -

im in the test live single player,whitout mods,after 3 of my croc hatchlings matured,1 of them became a greater crocodile and decided to take him out of my base for a walk,since i live on a small island in the southern river and i know that thralls and pets do not follow you in the water i move it manually on the other side(kinda silly since the crocodile is an amphibian reptile),while the other 2 were sitting in my throne room,after we come back i decide to leave the greater croc out of the base (also realized that i had forgotten the croc on the other side of the river but the crocodile teleported from one side of the river to my base ) after that i move him near the base and told him to stop follow,meanwhile in my throne room both crocs disappeared,i get out to see if they were in the sorroundings and i also notice that i cannot move the greater croc nor it can follow me anymore! i panic so i decide to log out and see if things sort out and they kinda do since my crocodiles magically reappeared in my throne room but they also cannot be moved or follow me telling me the message" you cant touch this! " as if i wasnt the owner or something and they also run in random direction for a short distance before stopping when i try to approach them.

update whenever you get out of render distance pet crocodiles disappear and if you log out they do re-appear but they are no longer able to be moved or touched nor theyr inventory is accessible

Re-evaluate after latest TL patch and post a new thread on the TestLive subforum

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