Pet: Great Dane?


Just curious if there is one, what it’s called, and what it looks like. :jack_o_lantern: Trying to get this costume as complete as possible! I’ve had no luck going through the list or searching through Sephora archives yet! Thanks! :3


I don’t remember if it was actually included or just TALKED about a lot (it’s been a while) but wasn’t there one in the lockbox that had the Mythos Machine in it?


There’s the Loyal Hound (reward from Scrapyard Defence), but it has cropped ears. If you want floppy ears I think you’re out of luck unless one of the other dogs looks close enough for you (e.g. Trusted Companion, Faithful Friend, Tail-Wagger).



Jac is a tail-wagger


i actually have this one :3 thanks! it does look pretty close with what’s available~