Pet spawns on top of me and kills me when over encumbered

when traveling over encumbered pet spawns on my head and kills me. ridiculous

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Yes i have hapent to me to, + plus all the times they have puched me over a cliff to.

Maybe instead of getting upset, you should congratulate them. After all, they just got the Tower of the Elephant achievement. :grin:

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I’m getting frustrated too, so I’m gonna rant…

This problem occurs when the thrall/pet teleports to the exact location of the player. They are teleporting inside my character, WTF?

How hard is it to do TeleportThrall/Pet to PLAYER X-10, Y-10, Z+5? The player direction could be included (in degrees) to improve the algorithm, but I doubt that would be necessary. Would that solve everything? No. But it would help with some of the following.


  • It would be nice if they followed instead of riding my @$$. I’m supposed to be riding theirs.
  • They constantly interfere with my movement; always having to jump just to get out of their mesh. Thralls also follow inside the pet mesh. Ever get a “Can’t mount here” error?
  • They interfere with mining. Sometimes just being able to see what I’m doing and sometimes finding I’m mining their head…
  • And despite having a “run away during combat” AI, it really doesn’t work that well. If they’re running away, why is a third of their health gone? Why are they just standing their and taking it? Why aren’t they running? I usually deliberately attack the pet first just to get them out of the way.
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One other problematic tethering I’d add is tethering to the player when climbing. That should essentially never happen. Ever. There’s no good reason for it.

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Well he’s like wait don’t leave me behind. Hey I’m back Aaaaaaaaaaa splat

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