I'm at my wit's end

Do you play your own game?

Do you use pets or thralls at all?

Daily! DAILY! I get pushed off the elevator to my base by pets spawning on top of me. DAILY!!! Spawning on me when I’m climbing anything–causing me to fall to my death! Running up to me and locking my movement when I’m trying to climb steps! Every day!! Locking me to the ground in fights! WHY!?! Every day!!!

I got so sick of the elevator deaths I spent two hours yesterday building a bridge so I dont keep dying from your poor coding! AND… TODAY! TODAY! MY PET SPAWNED ON TOP OF ME AGAIN!!! AND PUSHED ME THROUGH THE BRIDGE FLOOR TO MY DEATH!!! WTF???11111!!

I’m passed frustrated! I want to play this game but you’re driving me away with this aggravating bs! Do something!

While you spend time nerfing items and reskinning dlcs just know I would never recommend this game to any of my friends. It’s broken. It’s been broken since EA and you would rather spend most of your time focusing on reskinning dlc’s and item nerfs. And now a brand new expansion with all the same issues we dealt with in Exiles…

Put a no pet spawn parameter around the player so they dont spawn on top of us. Put a parameter around the player so they dont step on us while walking up stairs–while fighting in battles. Put a follow distance option in the follower menu that actually means follow distance. Something anything! please!


This same pet/thrall behavior is particularly hazardous in the Volary of Jhil. When you’re attempting to climb the cages in that vault, followers will attempt to teleport up to you, which then knocks you off the cages and sends you hurtling toward the ground.

This would seemingly be an ideal use case for the Stop and Return commands, yet even when I order them to Stop, after a certain amount of time (or distance), they’ll decide to resume doing their own thing and teleport back to you. Each time, I’ve either had to tell them to Stop Following (which means fighting the boss and their adds alone), or using admin powers to fly past the cages to safety when then knock me off for the Nth time.

At least if there was a pool of deep water below it wouldn’t be a death sentence for those who are hoping to use their AI friends as-intended.


What I don’t understand is why this particular sort of problem keeps coming back. Camels used to invade your space to the point that I’d refer to them with a particular description I wouldn’t use in polite company.

You would think that part of Funcom’s QA sop at this point would be too check for this specific behavior before they get ready to ship any big updates. This one in particular seems to affect pretty much any non-humanoid follower. So it’s not even like the problem with camels, which only affected that specific pet.


It is interesting that people have so many issues with followers teleporting to them, I have done the Jhil vault at least 10 times by now and the thrall/cat has never ever teleported to me on the cages. Could it be the chase distance or anything? I am always using guard me and medium ranges.


I have yet to die because of my pets/thralls/horses kicked me off an elevator or stairs (but have had some very close calls), BUT, I frequently get stuck inside both followers when they port to me, and it’s really bad when it happens in a location where I can’t kick them or move them out of the way (RIP).

It’s possible. I pretty much NEVER modify the attack or chase distances, and am 100% certain that I’ve
never done so with any followers on my Siptah server – they’re all still at whatever those distances default to.

Really the only things I ever do with follower AI is to switch them between Attack All or Attack Nothing, or issue ad hoc commands like Attack Target, Stop, Return, and Move.

Yep, that should help – change the chase distance to maximum if your followers keep teleporting on top of you. I used to run around the Undead City with a thrall set to maximum chase distance, maximum attack distance and “attack all” aggro. Sometimes it would get stuck in the mesh and I would have to traverse half the city before it finally teleported to me.

The “stop” commands just tells your follower to stop what its doing, not to wait in a particular spot. The commands, stances and distances are still very clunky and there are some combinations that don’t work well together. :confused:

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It is irritating, I have had my thrall and horse teleporting onto my head a lot while climbing / walking up stairs since Siptah. It would be good if we could just use a stay here / call them command.

Or maby just maby they could fix broken things instead of relying on people to find workarounds…

I’ve played with those settings, up and down. I’ve had pets that i did not touched the settings. Nothing stops them from spawning on me. nothing stops them from following so close. It’s a collision problem.

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