Pets are worthless?

I’ve been trying to level my greater pets to 20 to hopefully get them to be semi-useful but MAN! they are totally worthless. I mean totally & utterly. Animal followers are such a cool idea but these things are the flimsiest, weakest things. even with Authority maxed out I can’t get them past level 3 unless I fight Noob River imps all day.

Is there any chance Pets will get a massive buff or something that will make them worth using? Even the inventory space doesn’t get them close to worth using.

I took an abyssal hound out for a while and he was doing pretty good. Well, right up until I was wandering around the snowy region hoping to find some star metal when a one skull sabertooth appeared out of nowhere and ate him. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

See here - Pet/Thrall Nerf Question: Checking - #2 by TeleTesselator

Strange :thinking:, my Brutus has become (is still) a Beast. :man_shrugging:


how are they in comparison to thralls?

Some pets are good still like Brutus on isle of siptah
First thing I did day 1 of patch was take war party perk and take a lvl 20 Brutus and lvl 20 Tor out and watched as they shredded bosses with no help from me
The only thing that sucks is any pet placed prior to patch 3.0 has 0 grit so 0 armor which sucks for alot of them (RIP my formerly tanky reaper queens) so alit have to be replaced by new ones who will get grit

Nope… Even silly shalebacks are pretty dang good now! Have you not seen?

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Not sure how that happens when my Greater Sabretooth dies to 2 Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers even with help from a lvl 20 Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker & myself with maxed out Authority, unless you’ve got mods or messed with server settings.

In case you’re on Single Player / Private Server I posted a solution for that here

woah, actual answers! thanks, imma try this.

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