Pets are useless please fix

make pets good again, they do no damage and die so easily now


Mine do even my horse will not stand aside if i am in a battle

I don’t think pets were ever good, honestly. At least compared to thralls. I don’t know why they had to be nerfed.

If you worked with your pets like i did perhaps they would be tougher. On other hand i have not taken pets out recently… and don’t take a gray fox out. They kill themselves tripping over there own to feet. LOL. At least mine did

level 20 sabre does less that 100 damage per hit now lol

What are you fighting? I haven’t checked the numbers on pets because I rarely bother with them except as decorations, but some enemies have received more armor. Maybe that’s one reason why your pet appears to do less damage?

I can tell you that Sabretooth cats and wolves didn’t get any extra armor, didn’t notice any extra armor on my greater bear either, all of them lost a bit of health with the Age of War update but not as much as some of my thralls.

I meant, the NPCs may have got more armor, so the end result is our pets doing less damage against them.

Yep, totally misread that, sorry! :disappointed_relieved:

I should have said mine did. However my pets are now useless. Just like yours. It would be nice if they were able to fight again And I don’t see this happening any time soon.

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