Pets killing PC on Elevators - and more!

Single Player:
Windows 10 64bit

[Pets killing PC on Elevators - and more!]

1: Built a Horizontal elevator over the broken bridge at the beginning of the game.
Got on it, and was pushed off - fortunately, landed in the water, way below. :slight_smile:

  • Did it again and noticed two things…
    1a: The Horizontal Elevator, over long distances, goes off track - visually - from the rope above.
    1b: The Hyena pet of mine, spawned and pushed me forward… almost knocking me off again.
    (This is able to be repeated each time.

note: on a vertical elevator - black panther pet, did the same thing… its huge and tried to spawn on my character and pushed me off.

2: Bought the DLCs today! Yay… but you know - the ‘Roman’ (sorry can’t spell the actual name) armor I was wearing, up north - (in the green before the snow, by the ghost and a lake and bears) - well, when I logged out full health and logged back in, only 3/4 health.
… repeated process, but no more health was lost, but if I healed up, it always went to 3/4. :frowning:

3: Mouse cursor
I play with a steam controller, and the radial wheel - no bar at the bottom, when I go to my menue
3a: the mouse cursor is in the right corner, not the bottom (where it hides off screen), so I move it.
3b: Open the inventory up and its stays
3c: Select from the radial wheel a weapon, what-not, and open inventory, the white mouse cursor back at the top. (Just started today)

Annoying enough. :wink:

4: Suggestions:

  • I get confused easily, I can craft items at stations and in my inventory…
    Seems that all armor, weapons, etc. would be at appropriate station - and while I can sort, it can be kinda unwieldy.
    The color code between DLCs etc, would be nice… but you cant really clear out the rest of the items to see what is happening - (isolating only medium armor, etc.)

  • Thralls assigned to stations - please let us give them clothes to wear like other thralls.
    So many items being crafted that are really awesome and they are in rags… Im not that hard of a taskmaster! lol!

  • City… Would love more interaction in the city in a future expansion, willing to pay DLC for a fully interactive, going in buildings, voiced dialogue, trading with characters, etc. in the city to the West in the desert.
    (Lip synced/Voice synced would be better) :slight_smile:

  • Panther does not eat any seafood as its main diet (I see it will eat it, but not shown as a staple food… no biggy)

5: Small ongoing glitches

  • have to set ‘nudity’ to partial always in about three places
  • Settings, Settings in game, and in Admin panel - and it will still reset.
    Started after an update for the pet system I believe. I downloaded the game fresh and started a new game, and had issues from the moment of character creation of having nudity locked while making character

5b: Animals still get stuck in water, and while we are at it, there is a camp at the beginning Oasis, where about 5 crocodiles, constantly farm the local NPCs (fine and all, but everytime I go there, they spawn, attack them and that’s that as they start to chase me. (Neighbors!)

note: used to you could hack away underwater, now they just stay stuck after following you in, some are smart not to and they hang back. Seems the cats are smarter, though they have been stuck - crocs are the biggest victim.

5c: My thrall was a lvl 2 and after the lesser wheel of pain was a lvl 1! What?
Stayed up till 3:30pm this morning trying to get them from the city in the east to my home in the oasis.
Hard as they cant cross water, so you have to make paths between shallow areas to get to my island homebase. I know the update will fix this, but… lost a few thralls along the way for various reasons.
(one just disappeared after dragging them - admittedly, close to the green wall, and letting go to try to climb down.) :slight_smile:

5d: Inventory - yes again, the sorting.
Suppose a suggestion would be to auto sort into containers that have certain items in it - can get confusing managing the resources. Im sure there are other nit picks here in there, but some of the above would be great if it was dealt with.

Last but not least - would love the map filled in north of the jungle biome and east of the snowy area, and then to the south east where more desert could be put in.
And, spoilers, end of game… maybe make an animation that’s closer of your character that walks away, waves or something - and then the game closes, but when you start the game it says, “would you like to visit your old home?”

Thanks for the read through… Looking forward to all the bugs being ‘smashed’ and the Sorcery coming out!

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Well described bugs and good suggestions. It’s obvious you have put a lot of time and effort into making this post !

Unfortunately, most will not be read since this is the Bug section :frowning:

Might I suggest you split the post, bugs here, and suggestions, well, in the Suggestions forum.

I have experienced #1 quite often, but not as severe. I was merely pushed off the vertical elevator numerous times, but near enough to ground it did no damage.

I can’t speak to 2 and 3, PC/mouse with no DLCs.

Heartily agree with the suggestions, but the city, while it may very well happen, is very labor intensive and expensive. Who knows what is yet to come in the NE !

About the panther, that is normal unless your server admin has enabled “Exclusive diet”. There is even a pet (forgotten which one) that prefers cooked food.

Keep up the good work.

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Hey there,

Thanks for sharing your feedback. I will notify our team about your findings and update our notes on existing issues.
As @Jim1 suggested, it would be fantastic for you to share your suggestions on our Suggestions section, where it probably will be more visible for other players (and for us! :slight_smile: )

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