Pets not facing enemy to attack

Game mode: Online & Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: ?

Not sure if posted before but I found pets to be extremely frustrating. When fighting an enemy they wont always turn to face the enemy when attacking so their attacks completely miss also they sometimes approach enemies backwards. This is not so bad with smaller pets but with sandreaper queens the vast majority or their attacks completely miss yhis can make training pets very annoying.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.tame a pet
2.take it into combat
3.observe its attacks and movement
4.curse at you dumb pet!


I haven’t experienced the exact same thing, but I mostly use smaller pets, so that may not mean much. I did used to experience pets doing the berserk snarling attacking the air thing (seemed to happen if I killed the target just as they were about to launch their attack, they’d get ‘stuck’ in attack mode with no target to resolve it) - I’ve no idea if it’s related, but maybe? If it is related, the good news is that it seems to have got fixed (or at least I haven’t had it for a long time) - possibly with the Siptah update, so maybe when that comes to console it fixes the issue for you as well?

I will say that I’ve currently got a couple of Greater Crocs - they don’t exactly attack the wrong way, but they are so slow that enemies often move out of the way while the croc is still trying to get in position to attack, leading to frequent misses. I don’t think that sounds like the same issue - certainly I’ve never had them try to approach backwards.

Yes that the enemy moving while pet is preparing to attack also happens alot. But sand reaper queens will attack a nearby enemy but even when facing away. Unlike the thralls that will turn to face the enemy the larger pets seem to be unable to do this as if the pets have no forward facing direction. If they facing backwards towards enemy and the enemy walks away the pet will chase them backwards any try to attack

Hi @PhearRyzen, does the reported behavior occur mostly with Sandreaper Queens, or have you observed this with other pets as well?

Happens with wolves also but alot worse with sand reaper queens. They are the only pets ive tested but I suspect it affects other pets also.

Thank you for clarifying, we’ll be sure to register the issue.

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