Phoenix Ex Umbra - PC - Roleplaying EU/US

Phoenix Ex Umbra - Roleplay - PC - EU/US

Phoenix Ex Umbra, a Phoenix from the Shadows…it rises as the strong from the sand once cast into these cruel lands. Whether they stand screaming innocence, or know their punishment is just, this is a new land and a new beginning. But what will you do with it?

We at Phoenix Ex Umbra pride ourselves on encouraging creativity, community and fun to any level of roleplaying skill. We have community members of all types of experience and knowledge of the lore behind the world of Conan. We hold events, have RP hubs, marketplaces, arenas and all kinds of unique, interesting player made locations to visit and lose yourself in.

If this all sounds interesting there’s no better time to join. Two great legions have risen, tensions grow between them as a third power grows from the void. The smaller tribes begin to band together and some fall apart as they struggle for dominance or alliance against the greater looming threats of expansion. Where will you stand? Or simply hide in the shadows…

Immersive Sexiles Extensions
Class Mod
Immersive Build and RP

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Doesn’t sound like anything that’s happened on my server, you must have us confused.
Furthermore we have no complaints of lag that you’re describing, I’d recommend checking your settings clientside to resolve the issue. I keep an active monitor on the hardware resources, bandwidth and player reports to ensure it runs as smooth as is possible given the client we have.
Also, not knowing which character you are leads me to believe you’re simply the same person who has been actively trolling the top conan servers page on the basis you have what you refer to as a “rival server” and want to spread it here too. I’d recommend just being part of the wider community instead of attempting trash talk like this that we all know simply isn’t the case.