Pictish Javelin..?

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Pictish Javelin

So, what happened to this? If it’s part a DLC that we’ve paid for, why is it not in the game?

It looks terrific, but it’s not even available via admin panel. Please let us have this, Funcom.

I’ll bump this myself, hoping @Hugo can give an answer? Any chance these will be available in the game soon or at all?

The fact that something is in the admin panel or code doesnt mean it is implemented or will ever be implemented. It is very likely to be a left over code for an idea which didnt make it to live. There are a couple of items like this in the admin panel.

It doesnt hurt asking though.

it was allready in the game before

Really? I never noticed as I never used to use them, but now I’m loving them. The Yoggite Bone Spear isn’t strong enough, but it’s the best looking spear (in my opinion).

I’ve even tried to admin spawn the Pictish javelin in single player. It’s not listed. If they’ve removed this for some reason, that really sucks. It’s a great looking weapon.

they were made at the alters and when they balanced the shrines they were taken out the fun part is there old basic attack is now the spears lol

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