Pieces for an indoor pool?

I was thinking of building a Roman-esque type base, all marbly and what-not, but I’m wanting a few wading pools inside. I’ve seen this in a few videos from time-to-time but I’m not exactly sure what pieces they used or how to fill the pool with water. Not even sure if they used a mod or not. Can anyone fill me in on if this is possible? If so which pieces to use and how to do it correctly please?

There are a couple mod options that I’ve used. Shadows of Skelos has water planes, as does Dungeonmaster tools I believe. Also thrall wars has water blocks that can be drunk from. None are swimmable tho. I have built in vanilla by simply building over water and leaving a “pool” that I decorate the edges of. Hope this helps.

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That helps a ton. I had a feeling it was mods since I wasn’t able to find anything in the standard build pieces for it. Didn’t even think of building over water tho, but makes sense lol. Thank you so much! :grin:

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