Pillar spam griefers on offical servers

i play on official pve server i gotta guy who has pillar spammed all around my base and the dam things will not decay i ck them every day to see if i can destroy them NO LUCK so much bs and worst part is he spammed in all the water around me up new asgarth so i gotta run a mile over the hill just to drop some traps and make presses

Craft a repair hammer and point it at something to see the decay time on it.

If the griefer understands the decay mechanics, the odds are they only need to walk past your base every day or so to keep them intact.

Fish/Shellfish traps can be built inside the large well once it has water in it, fwiw.

yea i know about the well but now i dont even have room for a well

If you are far enough along that you can build a map room and your base isn’t a significant endeavour, I’d build a new one right on to an obelisk. (northen swungle blisk is a great spot. water, crystal in the cave, loads of basic resources (no iron).

It’s very hard to block you in to your base since you can enter from the blisk and leave by the room.
Almost no one ever went to the swungle blisk on my server but I could get to all 10 blisk locations instantly and back too my base from any map room so your actual location doesn’t matter much. (The Passage POI due west leads to the top of the highlands too, but it’s a bit of a pain to do the climbing in the middle).

Leave your old base up and bump it occasionally so as not to hand the griefer a victory and leave them ignorant of the fact that you left.

Edit: Northern* damnit. every single time.