Please fix the decay timers for single pillars or foundations

On PVE-C 1036 pillar and foundation spamming has become the norm for griefers to box in other players bases and prevent resource and npc spawns. They build out from a structure with foundations and pillars and connect them via ceilings and afterwards destroy the ceilings. Later they just have to build out from their already existing spams, using the same method.
It can’t be that difficult to code the behaviour of a placeble to revert to default timer calculation once a link to the main structure is broken.
Not fixing this is giving griefers a powerful tool to bully official servers into submission or make people leave


También pueden poner bombas en la estructura para recuperar la vida de la misma y ocurre que simplemente ponen cimientos de dos cuadros desperdigados por el mapa con una bomba encerrada en paredes de tier tres para llenar de spam todo el mapa.

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