? Ping for every server after hotfix

Server lists are populating after the hotfix, but the Ping for every server is listed as ???, which is interpreted as being too high to join the server. What do I need to do or when will the ??? ping issue be hotfixed? I’ve tested my connection on other games and generally, and I have an exceptionally good connection across platforms.

Seeing the same general thing. Some servers are working but the one on which I spend most of my time and MANY others coming up with ???. I have a ping of between 19 - 25 and don’t get it. What can be done about this. I have restarted my computer, router, wifi, and still not go.

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the same
ping ??? and I can not play…still :yum:

Well, there’s progress. A small hotfix was just deployed, and it now allows the servers to populate with their ping numbers. My ping for my server iis fifty (50). But each attempt to join is rejected with “Failed to Join” server, and “Could not connect to the server. “Join Session” failed. If this continues to happen try restarting the game.” And I have restarted game to no avail.

Please refer to this tread.

Hope I helped

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Aaaaaand now back to the ??? for ping.

But made it in. Just give the list of servers added time to load.

If the patch caused all these problems, and lots of people have been reported the same, it means the patch did it. Your router, computer, wiki, etc is not at fault here.
Wait for things to be fixed.
Btw, search battlemetrics on google, and look for your server ip/port. Use direct connect to get on the server. Paste your server ip:port and use password conan

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this tells me that all official PVE servers are down so… what next? and direct connect to #1504 PVE is fail also

If it says your server is down, probably is. :smiley: