Ping...server list vs tracert vs debughud

Can someone help me understand this… or possibly what the issue may be.

Basic info:

  • I play on official server #1016;
  • Server IP is and it is located in Germany, Munich;
  • I am in UK, Aberdeen 665km from Munich, quite close as far as connections go;
  • I have fibre optic at around 70mbs and never have any ping issues in other games (WoT in Paris is ~35ms for example);

And now the fun part:

  • running tracert in cmd shows 9 hops non higher than 50ms;
  • Pingplotter 5 software comes back with same hops and same ms, no packet loss (sometimes ~0.5% but I never experienced PL below 5% to affect my gaming experience before);
  • in server list in game ping is displayed usually arounf 160ms so i can’t connect coz max allowed is 140;
  • I always have to connect directly using server IP and port 28000;
  • in game using ToggleDebugHUD I always have ping between 64-90 with occasional jumps to 120;

How the hell does this work ?
I played some game sin past that had ping issues even tho they shouldn’t but those were bad, cheap and had opinion for terrible net code. Is Conan badly programmed, are the servers cheap and bad ? There is no problem on my end. When i play mount and blade bannerlord on North Amedican servers I have 50ms ping. World of tanks on Russian server I have 55ms ping. Conan in Germany… 90ms… with jumps to over 100… what is this ?

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