All of a sudden high Ping?

I been playing on server 1520 for over a month and one of the reasons I joined it was it had a Ping of 40. Its always been between 40 and 60 since I been playing but tonight I cant log on because the
Ping is at 700!! I turned off my virus protection just to see if it was that but that didnt help, I restarted my pc and that did nothing. Is this problem on my end? I dont know a thing about ping scores and how they work.

Well the Ping is down to 70 now so I guess I jumped the gun.

May be a general problem with the internet network. With the virus there is more people using internet like before, to work, play, watch videos …

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Hiya Duskruler, I’ve had that exact same problem before. Unfortunately, I never did find a solution. After around 3 weeks of high ping, struggling to get on the server, it just went back to normal ping on its’ own. The ping seemed to be bouncing back and forth from the 80’s to the 200’s. If I tried to log on when it was low enough, I could get on the server, but performance was horrible.
That was around a month ago that the server went back to normal ping for me, ping in the 50’s.

For whatever it’s worth, my buddy who plays on the same server was not having ping issues while I was. And conan was the ONLY game/program/website/anything internet related that was giving me issues. I wish I had a solution for you. I guess I just wanted you to know you aren’t alone.

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Sometimes IP addresses of servers change, and until the route to that new server is established, it can take extra hops or even time out. That doesn’t appear to be the case here, as the IP address for that Official hasn’t changed.

What we cannot know for sure is whether a cloud intermediary (that protects the players on that server from bad actors) is potentially shifting its shield, or its route, to respond to a threat. This can happen.

Additionally, between your ISP and the game server are a number of hops. If any one or two of these are offlined for any reason, or shifted, the route to the game server can be delayed.

:arrow_right: In all of these cases, it is a good idea to look at your tracert, which you have done, then flush your DNS cache. In your DOS box, type [ipconfig /flushdns] – no brackets – and hit enter. Run tracert again. There probably won’t be a big change.

:link: The last piece in the puzzle is your DNS server. A lot of home routers send out IPv4 assignments, including default DNS servers. Often the router’s gateway is set as the DNS server. These gateways are less frequently updated, and as a consequence, any newly-published route will get to them quite a bit later.

:desktop_computer: If you are able to change your DNS servers manually, I recommend setting them to Google’s default DNS servers, and You can always set them back later, but when you want the better ping, this can shorten the “reverse-lookup” route propagation. After you’ve changed to these DNS servers, flush your DNS again.

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muy mala conexion en todos…

Hiya CaptainKent long time no see. lol

The ping is remaining around 70 now so its all good…hopefully it stays that way. :slight_smile:

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