Any suguestions on how to fix my ping?

So I play on an official server, and when I started playing things ran great and I had no issues, starting about a week ago i was getting PING to high. Now it just seems to be the 173# servers that are very high for me, my PING is very low on most of the other servers. Anybody have an idea to maybe set up my router to use port forwarding, and would this help? This is very frustrating the last day or two I can barley even log on, I have tried for an hour or so at a time.

Thanks for any tips.

Red Sonja

Port Forwarding won’t help. A ping test could locate some of the cause.

Most likely the server host was moved.

Options are

  1. If on WiFi connect via Ethernet cable instead. Powerline is a somewhat effective middle ground.

  2. close all programs that could be running.

There is more. Google search will show you all the options.

Possibly a great VPN but that reducing your ping is not likely.

Thanks for the tips

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