So i tried to set up my own server

9999 of ping you know this is a issue since june and done j4cksh!t it seems to resolve the issue.
So your officials servers are unplayable most of the week, you cant fix a simple issue for people to connect into private servers. WTF? i’ve been making several posts a day about all the issues i find, this is insane for a game that costs money.

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So the idea with my post is just to send them to oblivion. F that. I want a solution or at least a comment on this.

Hi, how are you today?

Hi, I’m fine, thanks for asking. I just fixed my headphone that my dogs chewed the cable lol, and then finished up washing the dishes. Now, im Installing my server on a windows 7 machine because it seems the issue is with windows 10 but we’ll see. How about you?

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