Pippi/Mushi questions

Using Pippi/Mushi, is there a way to have a thespian NPC spawn only at a designated time (e.g., noon for 1 hour each day, or for 3 hours once per week)?

Also, is there a way to have NPCs or thespian spawn at random times (for 1 hour at some point in 24 hours)?

Lastly, using a thespian, how do I have an item for sale only available for limited time (e.g., 1/day)?

Thought of another question … is there a way to script a random item sale list for merchants/thespians?

Thanx in advance

I think you can use the TTime tool to with Thespians so yes? I’ve not used it myself, but I know there is a tool.

I’d suggest joining the discord because there is a lot of helpful information there.

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