Help using Pippi to create thespians

Could anyone provide a brief tutorial on the creation of thespians using Pippi? I have read the manual, and it gives some information but not enough to explain how this is done. The discord server is not much help either. There are several people online, but no one is responding to questions.

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Keep in mind that when using mods thralls will not eat, will level but totally randomly. It’s a mod engine bug, any mod you apply will make thralls not eating and so not getting food bonuses.

I am so totally confused. Are you referring to any mod or just Pippi? Are you saying that Pippi will mess-up my thralls?

Here’s what the manual says, “Admins can spawn them in or make them available to players through kits”. The question that goes totally unanswered is how Admins can spawn them in.

Any mod you will activate will mess up in-game thralls, they will not eat food, they will still level up but totally randomly, and they’ll take more time to heal since they are not eating food.

There’s a button in the pippi admin interface.

My mods are not having this effect on thralls. They eat, heal, and level perfectly. I use a ton of mods, and the mods I am using don’t conflict, don’t produce bugs, and work great. It’s only the mods that use reference the old skeleton (outdated mods) that I have had difficulty with. Those mods are from the pre-Follower update days. Examples are mods that change the percentage of regularly spawning male/female thralls.

Where’s the button? Which tab do I use? Pippi’s “NPC Spawns” just spawns normal thralls much like the regular admin screen as far as I can tell.

I can show you, I only have pippi and thralls on the server are not eating, they do in single player but the singleplayer engine is different than the server engine. That’s why stuff “works” in single player and work differently on server.

I actually forgot, haven’t poked at it since we found thralls not eating and not gaining the diet bonuses.
I’m waiting for funcom to roll a fix and then re-enable pippi.

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Thanks to the help of someone on the Pippi discord channel, I have this mostly sorted out. For anyone else needing help with this, I am going to detail the process below.

To add a thespian,

  1. Hit Escape to enter the main menu, then select Server Settings and click the “Make Me Admin” button.
  2. Escape to the main menu, and select Admin Panel.
  3. Select “Original Funcom Panel”, select the Building tab, and search for “thespian”.
  4. Click on the icon to spawn one or more (SHIFT+Left Click) thespians into your inventory (this is a placeable item, not an NPC)
  5. Place the thespian like you would any placeable using the toolbar.

You can setup a kit to select (and even dye) the equipment worn by your thespian. You can also setup a profession for your thespian by accessing the Economy tab. Click the “social merchant” button to enable this feature. I am still trying to figure out how to get merchandise to show up in the merchant’s inventory. This mod is a blast!


This is good info @q9c9p. Thank you.

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