Is there a thrall Spawner for a clans?

I’m looking to create a Battleground scenario for my server with custom gear for players and custom thralls which I already have with Pippi mod now I just need a way to make thralls respawn or make a spawner of them.
Is there a mod for it or a wey to make it happen in the game?

Pippi mod has spawners. They look like an egg when placed in the world, but should be invisible to other players. You can pick from all available spawn, set a wander range and more. I’m not 100% certain, but if you made custom npcs with Pippi they should also be available to spawn with Pippi. You can pick how many of a type will spawn and at which interval they respawn.

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I’ve tried Pippi its great, but Pippi does not allow me to to spawn converted thralls, unfortunately.
or maybe I didn’t understand how to do it there.

There is some way to give players converted Thralls in Pippi (but they have to place those Thralls by themselves). I don’t remember exactly but it seems that you can give custom-made NPCs to players via Loot Spawners & Merchants. You better join Pippi Discord and look for answer there.
Pippi Discord link

A converted thrall is an item. The item must be used (by using it from the hotbar and placing it) before it becomes live in the world.

It MIGHT be possible for a mod to circumnavigate this and simply spawn these like a Pippi NPC spawner, but no one to my knowledge has tried to do this. It would require a bit of work on the backend of things to make work. When a thrall is placed, it gets a home spot (the initial placement) is assigned to a clan/player, and becomes a building-like entity.

I’m not an expert on this and I’m not going to ping the ones who are (they’re pretty busy enough as it is), but I think this would take overwriting existing stuff in the devkit which is considered a big no no for compatibility reasons. But it potentially may need further access to some code that isn’t available in the devkit.

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