Unusefull thralls. to be citizens

Just a quick suggestion:

Could we use thralls to populate our beautiful big cities we make?
I mean the game has the necessary mechanics already. Like different emotes.
and thralls of different kinds.
So why not let them to be used as decorations?

Have a thrall dressed up as merchant and put “on duty” next to something resembles a market place tent.
Even if he is not a working merchant the feel would be cool.

Or if you catch a nice looking thrall and have her sleep on the double bed you have put down for yourself.

Or even two thralls constantly cycling around the “speak” emotes so they would like to be “crowd” on a street argueuing or something…

even let them fight each other in our arenas we have built. or something along those lines.

Not to mention animals as pets. having their assigned state like the new tiger lie on the floor
or hyenas eating form a bowl/or even eating a corpse…

OR let them fight in the arenas as well. :smiley:
Quick edit: OFC it would be great if they are going to defend themselves if the need arises.

This can be done with pippi admin panel if you dont want to wait for it, it’s rather easy.

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Oh I see now why is that mod is so popular than. didn’t know it can do that. thank you for the info.

Pippi has a tonne of usefull things, like kits that can be spawned either free or for currency, currency you can gain by doing things or just simply by being online, you can have warp-portals between places so you could build a spawn hub with warps that also could cost currency to use, you can spawn npc’s with altered visuals, thespians (npc’s that you can set to do animations) and much more.
Funcom did a video showcasing it on twitch, check it out and fall in love with the ease of it all. :slight_smile:

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