Is there a Pippi Thespians for dummies guide anywhere?

lol, I’m what you call ‘code challenged’ xD

But I’ve always loved the idea of Pippi’s thespians as placeables to liven up bases in my single player games, but can’t really figure out how to set them up.

The pippi team did a good job with the documentation, but I’ve still never been able to wrap my head around getting them set up. Anyone have any useful advice or links to youtube tutorials or something?

I’d really be stoked to figure out how to set up like a ‘relic hunter slave taker’ market selling Pippi thespians in Sepermeru to buy the thespians, so i could give myself the immersive illusion that i acquired them fairly during gameplay.

Maybe they’d sell thespian dancers and barkeeps that had emotes and stuff.

Any ideas or tutorials you all have?

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i believe they point out a few tutorials on the steam workshop page. i myself just learned from trial and error never got around to selling another thespian but i’m sure it can be done fairly easily

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