Pirate Cuisine on Siptah?

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1/3 of the population is pirate culture and their rare herbs are everywhere, but all of their cookbooks are Specialty X. Same when they appear from surges. Can Pirate Cuisine be found on the island, or is it in the library of recipe roulette now?

Maybe not that necessary, but it’s useful when the least scarce ingredient you have is rare spices. Also, I’d just like to collect them all, preferably from a plausible source and not yet again pulled out the ■■■■■■■ of the RNG.

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Oh so that’s what the darn stuff’s for - I usually end up with a bunch of it that never gets used :laughing: But I’m not sure I’ve ever bothered making the pirate cuisine (because I usually just use ‘chili desert style’) - I’ll have to give it a look and maybe use up some of this rare spice finally.

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