Rare spice is not obtainable since the loot revamp

Rare spice is not obtainable since the loot revamp. I tested in many Black hand camps, not drops from any npc or chest.

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The rare spice can be looted from skeletons on Siptah, maybe the spice also flows in The Unnamed City.

Skeletons drop it fairly frequently in the Exiled Lands.

I slaughter buccaneer’s bay and found none.

I’ll check the unnmed city once my server is playable again; some time tomorrow about 4AM.

It is good if we can get from skeletals, however this ingredient is the part of the Pirate cuisine knowledge, and the original intention was that the item can be obtained from pirates. This is quite the opposite what the Funcom intended to do with the loot revamp, where loot should reflect the faction style.

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