Pitbulls from 2.4patch

Hey Funcom, just wanted to say I like these. Haven’t seen anything on them in the forums. I know they aren’t fully implemented yet, but they remind me of my irl lil buddy. I hope they make it to full on pets.

You can access them in admin mode via the npc spawner. They are Pet_pitbull I think. Only spawnable as enemies though, spawning as converted just gets you a regular Dog pet with a weird name ( Mollusus hound or something).


No “strange” dog at all…
:wink: :dog:



It’s definately a bull type terrier (pitbull or amstaff) based on its color scheme and overall body/muscle/head ratio. And this in the picture does not have so much wrinkles around the neck.
I hope the devs consider this as a pittie, I want 'em to fight on my side!

However its size (I saw them in the Savage Wilds mod) is closer to molossers.

But if I remember correctly, both bull type terriers and mastiff type dogs are derived from molossers.

(Did not want to be a hair splitter, I just have a pittie and had several molossers/mastiffs.)

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