Pixelated and ghosting

Game mode: Single-player)]
Type of issue: Bug |Performance
Server type: PvE]
Region: Czech Republic

Hello, I bought a new 27 "Acer ED273wmidx monitor

Since then I have a problem with pixeated shadows and ghosting of all objects.

Does it seem to me that there is a problem with the refresh rate?
I tried back to the original monitor, and the problem remained

Write what additional information to add

thank you all

Change the refresh rate of the monitor
Reinstall gpu driver
reinstal game
reinstal windows

GPU Radeon RX 580 Series Driver 19.12.2 (older version tested)
CPUAMD FX™-8320 Eight-Core Processor
Windows 10 64bit

Everything is visible in the video

youtube : Conan Exile Ghost and pixelated
user : Jakub šíma

P.s. Ghosting can be fixed by manually overwriting the .ini file and disabling AntiAliasing directly

hello and happy new year
it’s most likely AMD driver issue, namely anti aliasing is doing something awry
try poking around radeon settings in menus shown below (AA method is likely to do something and leave it under application control), also try changing AA settings in game to off and see what happens


thank you for your advice.
I tried different settings, but it looks like the game would not respond to the settings at all. It is obvious that the game does not use any smoothing. you can see the cubes of everything.

I think there is a problem in shadow resolution.
That is, they are in a lower resolution than they should be. (example figure etc 1080p shadows 720p). It turned out that when I set the FullHD monitor in the game resolution 4k everything looks like it should.

which imho still points to AA going bananas,
plainly speaking (I hope) AA renders frames times (x2 x4 x8 etc) larger then desired resolution and then shrinks them to fit using specific algorithm (AA method) which leads to smooth edges and such
i appears your GPU does that incorrectly for some reason

could you make a GPU swap with a friend to rule that out?

there is another less likely theory about CPU and shadows, cause technically they’re on CPU side not GPU side and this might somehow mess up things if done wrong and FX CPUs are rather specific piece of engineering

hello all I’m digging the topic, because It appears to be not isolated incident,
pixelated/ghosted AA is present when near water it is however of varied intensity
I have it, my clanmates have it none to the extent @charonbobo presented, but it’s there
I’ve only noticed it on my PC because camera went to weird angle (armpit closeup) while I was swimming

I’ve personally observed it on following configs:
i7-4790K 16GB RAM RTX2070 conan settings maxed out save for 2x AA display native res [email protected]
i5-4690K 8GB RAM GTX970 conan settings on high, display native res [email protected]
both latest win10 with varied nV driver numbers

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