Shadow Flicker - revived post

This was posted a while back with no responses. Is this something everyone sees in the game? All shadows flickering, like someone is shaking the trees & bushes?

Anti-aliasing to max and General shadows to max helps tone them down a bit, but I’ve never played a game where shadows had a constant flickering action. Is this just the nature of the base game engine, or is it something that can be tuned in some way, other than the settings I’ve already mentioned?

You will need to provide your settings, hardware, GPU driver, OS, etc.

I guess it is more of a question to see if others have the same thing with their shadows. Do you notice it at all? If no, then I can dig into some non-Conan settings on my video card to see if changes there resolve it.

I’ve an AMD Vega 56, with the latest AMD drivers, and don’t have this issue.

Ah good. Thanks Reprehensible. I’ll spend some time troubleshooting here and it I can’t solve, I’ll post system details. Grabbing the newest driver now. Been a few months since I last updated it. Sometimes with Nvidia, the newest driver is the best way to create problems, so I tend to stick at reliable versions for a while.

Nvidia GTX 1080,, 9/26/2019. No flicker.



PS: Shadows = high ingame

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