"Place on Walkable Floor" Thrall Placement Bug

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Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 5 (Digital Edition)
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: ZEAL | RP/PVP Server

Bug Description:

“Place on Walkable Floor” Error when placing thralls when at a certain height from the floor. Specific issue is: cannot place thralls on Treehouse foundations…

Bug Reproduction:

I simply built a treehouse, and it would not allow me to place any thrall in it.

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Hey y’all: sort of urgent.

I have a base in the treetops, but there’s a bug that is keeping me from placing thralls in it.

Can a dev confirm or deny whether or not this is a known issue and give us an estimate on whether or not this can be fixed within the coming month?

With this bug, treehouse forts are rendered useless unless for the defenseless practical hideaway…which I find useless. For RP purposes, we’re using it as a bandit camp…but apparently we can’t have any bandits.

The Storyline launches this week but I can delay a week or two until I get a response. :sweat_smile:

Greetings Jemiah_209!
Thank you for reaching out to us.

In order for us to properly assess your issue, could you let us know if this is also happening in your SinglePlayer or in any Official Server? It would be important for us to know if this issue is occurring specifically in your Private Server or not.

If you find that it is happening on other servers/Singleplayer as well, take a screenshot of the issue (error message) plus its location on the map and share it with us here, please.

We’ll be waiting for your reply!


Welcome to the forum. Just to inform you about the dev response history in here, having a dev reply in 2 hours is lightning speed. When i visited years ago we had zero response. So don’t forget to pay compliments to @HighSaint please.

Your error seems to be unique.
Single player

Official server

So as you see it’s a unique bag you experience, but not generally. So you have three options and now it’s you that has to move fast :wink:.

  1. Speak with other members on your private server, if they endure the same issue, come back and report to @HighSaint to give you new coordinates.
  2. Act like @HighSaint said and test on your single player.
  3. If others in your server don’t have this bug but you have it both on line and single player, uninstall and install back, something went wrong on your update.

Welcome to the forum m8.

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A week ago I placed treehouse foundation’s on a tree for a clan member as usual I keep a repair hammer with me this was inside the radius of our base placed several the decay was less than 50 hours witch was not usable being planned on elevators especially with the extra materials for those pieces. I thought I removed all obviously missed one over a week later event logs showed one decayed so something is glitched official pve-c Siptah server. @stelagel did you check the decay my friend? Didn’t want to use pillars on a tree fort defeats the purpose. They used to work. @Jemiah_209 did you check stability? Later today I can check out on our private server…

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Went on our private server earlier today.

Showing no owner 1 hour decay. Decay is 420 hours due to popular demand not over grown. Something is definitely wrong. Server Exiles pve-c. @HighSaint . Left my character there going to move her leave clan and check again tomorrow.

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Hi! I had just created a profile, so I guess it wouldn’t let me send any screenshots. Here is the error message:

It won’t let me place thralls above a certain height. This is on a Private RP server named ZEAL.

Picture 1 = Where the Tree house is located (Tree Branch above the Canopy Outlook in L8)
Picture 2 = the error when trying to place them to guard


I left my clan to test decay will get back into it tomorrow if it’s still there and test placing Thralls

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So update, [PIC #1] shows the same tree, but at a different height allowing the placement of a thrall in Singleplayer. However, [PIC #2] shows that higher up the branch disallows placement regardless of stability.

I think right now, it seems like it’s a height or ceiling issue? But, again I can build there with Build Anywhere turned off, but for some reason Thralls just aren’t allowed to be placed past a certain height?

Again, other Tree House foundations work at other trees. It’s just the Canopy overlook that I think is the issue.

PS: Thanks @HighSaint for your help!
@sestus2009, before you do, want to check the Canopy Outlook for the issue? I can assure you it’s not a stability issue at least on my end. :slight_smile:


Ok will check that out keep up the good work.

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Just to be clear; @HighSaint @stelagel,

The Bug described above is still relevant regardless. It only affects thralls placed above a certain threshold in the map. Two separate occasions included:

  • The Treehouse Incident above the canopies at L8/9 @ Canopy Outlook,
  • High above a cliff near a greenwall.

Both of these incidents were tested in single-player and the private server. Both incidents shared similarly, that the only way to get to it might include flying to it in creative admin mode.

Again, thank you for getting back to me as soon as you did @HighSaint! I honestly went straight to bed after posting…but could you let me know how long I should expect some feedback? I know you guys are busy :smile:

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I will check it later fellow exile to confirm. I think here we have some “juice”, i read that even transportory stones have function problems on great heights. So i will confirm later definitely.

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