Placed items deleting over night

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: america server 1594

I put a maproom on the beach down from my building. This is the beach south of flotsam, my clan, named Clan, placed it at approximately midnight. This morning I wake up, get online, and the maproom is now gone. Completely wiped off the server. I’ve also had this exact problem with building in water at mounds of the dead. I lost a full wheel of pain and a thrall that was training on it. Just build something late at night and in the morning it will be gone in those two areas I just mentioned.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build a wheel of pain at mounds of the dead or a maproom on the beach south of flotsam, and over night it will be destroyed. Think you guys wipe servers or something at 3 am from what I heard.

I had the same issue with my base, build it at night and the next morning half of it was gone. This is a game breaking glitch and should be patched… Not really an answer for you i’m sorry just spreading the awareness.

Post your in-game coordinates where you are having trouble with placed items sticking. Try testing it out by sticking something large and cheap (T1 shrine?) in the same spot to see if it chronic for all placed objects.

If possible, try moving around some from that location to see how broadly the issue is affecting structures.

To get your in-game coords, open a console with tilde ( ` ), then type:


This will give you three coordinate values in pink in the lower left hand corner of your screen.

351,680.531, 88,481.805, -20,083.881

those are the coordinates

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