Placements Disappearing?

I play on PVE official server 2502. Why are our placements disappearing my Clan has placed a lot of different structures with greater wheel’s of pain all over the map for Tier IV Thralls and have also had several greater work benches and greater wheel’s of pain just disappear on our server while keeping other items that were built after them. There is a lot of harvesting and crafting involved in making these things and for them to disappear is complete garbage. I had a Wheel of pain I put up next to a building and a large campfire I put at the base of the volcano for farming obsidian and tier IV thralls. I had 4 or 5 Tier IV thralls converting in it they reboot the servers and my wheel of pain is gone and of course the thralls I had converting gone as well but my structure and campfire was still there. There is no way the wheel could have decayed, it was the last thing placed next to the structure. Fix the game instead of releasing cosmetic DLC this is driving people away from a damn good game as far as I’m concerned.

Logged in this morning and now the map room we placed is gone this is ridiculous.

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