Plains of Despair PvE-C Server (US Dallas)

Plains of Despair will primarily be PvE with designated times for PvP. It will simply be for experiencing combat as my group, as well as a few I’ve spoken to, don’t typically like their gear taken.

Before I get into the specifics of the server, I’d like to note that everything can be up for discussion. I have no issues making changes to anything if the majority of the server wants it.

Discord: chv4nKY

Server name: Plains of Despair PvE-C
Server IP/Port:
50-slot server (I can upgrade to 70 if the server demands it)
Weekdays: PvP will be enabled from 8-10 PM CST
Weekends: PvP will be enabled from 6-10 PM CST

We will be planning weekend events as well once we have a decent size.

  • Gladiator Events (Winner will receive a prize or losers gear depending on rules)
  • Organized battles
  • Purge or Creature spawns
  • Open to any ideas

Inventory will remain with the player upon death. I’m not 100% sure how I want to move forward with this, but I feel looting players bodies during the PvP time zones would just cause griefing, camping corpses, and other lame tactics. However, as mentioned above, I’m open to ideas for the weekends to encourage raiding or corpse looting.

Anyway, stop in and say ‘Hi’ if you’re feeling up to it.

P.S. We just finished the arena for the server check it out on Discord