Plant cannot be harvested

Game mode Singleplayer
Type of issue: Bug
GameVersion #104617/18962 [PC]

Nice screenshot, could you harvest it while crouching?

I’ve never been able to use a sickle to harvest low to the ground aloe like that, even crouched. Gonna have to get that by hand.
Same thing with branches that look like they are laying flat on the ground, won’t be able to hit them with an axe.

That aloe plant growing under the ground is clearly a Chinese hacker!:yum:


No, ive tried but did not work, that why i reported.

Placement of the fauna here is incorrect. The world map is made up of layers. This was probably placed prior to an additional terrain or relief layer being added. That is why it pokes up from the ground.

There is a lot of “polishing” that is needed by the worldbuilder team for this aloe plant, and many other resources throughout the Exiled Lands. Not sure if it would be helpful - but perhaps track the coordinates and post here for them to collect and eventually correct.

To get the coordinates, two methods:

  • Press the tilde key ( ` ) to open your server console. Then type ToggleDebugHUD and press enter. Your coordinates will appear in purple (or cyan?) in the bottom left hand corner of your screen. You can record these world map sites with screenshots, and include this stamp on your screenshot image.

  • Press Alt+Ctrl+Shift, and then press L. This will toggle your TeleportPlayer coordinates on the screen. This is a little more annoying on the UI, but allows you a means to copy/paste out the coords rather than trying to read them off. Once you have what you need, Alt+Ctrl+Shift and then L again to toggle this back off.

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