Plants and some creatures invisible/not rendering

Normal bushes (providing only plant fiber and bushes), grass textures, rhinos, some large cats and more are not appearing I theisle of siptah. I can target invisible creatures if i know the approximate direction they are in and i canstill harvest the invisible plants if i know approximately where they exist. Makes the game unplayable as i don’t know what i can’t see until I’ve been hit by invisible creature. Tried standing and waiting for things to render in but more things disappear rather than appear. Official server 8064 PvE. Multiple people on this server experiencing same issue. For example there’s three siptah rhinos here. I could see parts of 2 of them after about 20-30 minutes of watching now i can see none but all three are still there

I’ve been having the same issue playing on a PS5. Mostly invisible mobs in the Exiled Lands map, but invisible mobs and plants—and ground cover and tree leaf textures—in the Siptah map.

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