Player Character's Head Stuck Looking To the Left

Game mode Single-player
Type of issue Misc
Server type PvE
Region North America
Version 196231/23625

Most often noticed with the Kambujan Shaman Armor, but also occurs with other armor sets, my player’s head becomes locked facing to the left, almost slightly downward.

It remains stuck in this position, throughout the remainder of game-play.

I’ve tried taking the helmet off, but it doesn’t appear to help. Also trying various emotes, does not clear this propensity.

Returning to the Main Menu and re-entering the game is required to let the character’s head resume a posture that is closer to normal.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  • Load (Saved) Game
  • Experience this issue
  • Issue continues through game play
  • Exit to Main Menu
  • Reload Game
  • Issue appears to be less-prevalent

When you load the game and you are “fixed” what then causes you to look to the left again? Also, is this the normal or epic version of the Kambujan Shaman armor you are having this happen in?

This would be the Normal version of the Flawless Kambujan Shaman armor in this game.
I just verified the armor set.

What do you mean, what causes me to look to the left again?
Checking out the ‘hottie Tanner’ at the crafting station, as they are slowly acquiring their appropriate textures?

While this defect has occurred for me multiple times, I have not been able to ascertain when it precisely started happening in that gaming session. In the example above, it was happening when my save game finished loading.

OK, I’ll have to re-sign into CE because it has been crashing to desktop each time I Alt-Tab out to get back to this browser.

The proper animation for the character head appears to vary from center-ahead to slightly left of center. Therefore, it’s probably safe to say that the head is always looking a bit to the left. The position the screenshots show, illustrate a position further left from it’s normal wandering path.

I’m equipped with the Star Metal Mace, and Bone Shield. I observed that when going through the weapon combos, the character position adjusts so that the left arm is forward, and the head looks even moreso towards that direction. Though the full combos did not cause it to become stuck, perhaps something about those movements, holds the position after a while. This doesn’t explain why it was facing left right after loading.

I also tried all 8 directional rolls. They did not cause it to become stuck.

Thank you for the information, when I log in later I’ll see about crafting up a set of flawless kambujan shaman armor and see if this is happening to me as well.

What I mean by what was causing you to look to the left was if you had noticed if, as an example, when you used a skinning knife and stood back up you were now looking to the left. Or after harvesting some type of resource, or exiting combat. Though, if your tanner is as hot as you suggest… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll keep an eye on this question, and will play a bit more with this instance / character to see if I can isolate an activity. I’m pretty sure that the grade of the armor matters less than the set. Though I can’t speak towards differences between Epic and Non-Epic. They probably use the same graphical elements, but your question helped me to answer with more specifics.

Until then, I have more issues to get logged. Hopefully they are relevant and useful.

Ok so I just made a set of normal Kambuja Shaman armor and so far I have not had the issue you have had. Maybe I am just lucky. I did take some screens so here they go.

This is after I first put it on.

Then after going to a warmer area.

Killed a creature and skinned it. Also removed the helmet in case that would make a difference.

Lastly went to the Sunken City because I wanted to learn some recipes anyway so why not.

The problem’s not connected with the armor. I wear godeye, wardancer chestpiece, and epic flawless darfari pieces, and randomly happens in single player too. You cannot fix it by looking into an inventory or changing clothes, only by restarting the whole game as far as I know.

Thank you for that information Rolee. I haven’t run into this problem myself so I figured I would try to help eliminate some possibilities.

Your head angle appears perfectly straight forward. That’s nice, when not in other postures that require an angle.

I visited the Sunken City on my own for the first time earlier this morning. It was a little more challenging than I had anticipated. Decent loot, though. I was disheartened that the Prisoners didn’t want to be outside of their cages for long.

Still trying to figure out what they mean by Visit all the Lemurian Lorestones. That would be a good topic for the Wiki.

The wiki lists all the Lemurian Lorestones.

With regard to the bug, one way to fix it, if you’re playing single player, is to use the mod CharEditLite you can reload your character in game using the mirror.

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