Broken Neck Syndrome has Returned again after the last patch/update?



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All bugs return with each update.

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I’m seeing this bug return, too (though very intermittently).

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VanDammit! I was really glad to see the back of that one - rather than have the character seeing their own back…

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One thing I’ve found that helps is to swing your view so that it’s aligned with the feet. It seems to me that your head is pointed in whatever direction you were looking when you quit, while your body is pointed in whatever direction it was facing.

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Not for me. I thought that, too, but I’ve tried logging out while facing a wall straight in front of me (intentionally trying to keep my head straight ahead). It hasn’t worked.

However, if you take your bracelet off and die, when you spawn again it “resets” to normal. That’s the only fix that seems to work.

If you’re playing on a private server or single player that uses CharEditLite, try opening the mirror and clicking apply changes. If it’s the same bug I’m thinking of, it’ll reload your character correctly without needing to log out.

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Hey there,

Could you show us a screenshot highlighting this problem so we can relay it to our team more accurately?

Thanks in advance.

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No problem, I grabbed a couple of shots last time it came up - I call the second one ‘Shy barbarian’ :wink:
(Essentially the head just seems to get stuck looking off to one side)


Thanks for the pictures. It’s been relayed to the team.


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