Broken Neck Syndrome, Take Three

Game mode: Online / Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: N/A

Players can still spawn into the world with a “broken neck”.

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Hello @Megaton238, thank you for the heads up!

Although this issue has been reported a few times in the past, we haven’t been able to find any reliable repro case, can you share any further details, such as whether the vanity camera was active prior to the issue occurring?

It wasn’t. And honestly, it’s not difficult to reproduce. Place some thralls around your character, but not directly in front or behind; place them off to the sides, but within your “field of vision”. Make sure you’re standing inside a larger structure (something that requires the game to load up a substantial base, not just you standing out in the weeds with nothing else around but the thralls). Then quit, restart the game and login. Do that a few times, and I guarantee you’ll find it happens.

My guess is the issue is that when you’re loading the game and the structures around your character, your character is in the world and your head is turning towards one of the thralls that is nearby. And for whatever reason, this becomes your default “home” position for the direction you’re looking at.

It would also seem to be relatively straight forward to fix by simply adding some code that says “is my head looking straight forward when I am moving? No, okay, I need to adjust this”. Because the “looking around” stuff is fine when you’re idle, but who in the world runs around with their head turned sharply to the left or right? (Narrator: No one)

By the way, the confirmation that this is the core problem (you looking around at thralls near you on load) seems to be reinforced by the idea that if I take my character off into some area where there is nothing but the “natural” terrain, no structures, no thralls, no animals and then restart, zero problems with the head position. Every time. So I’m fairly sure it has to do with that you’re “looking at” as the game environment loads up.

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I’ll second this topic. It seems the bent neck has gotten worse lately. I play singleplayer offline and whenever I log back in my neck is bent to the left. It seems to happen wherever I’ve logged off from whether inside my base or outside. The only fix that’s worked for me is to remove the bracelet and respawn. It has to be something with the last two patches because before then I went a long time without it happening. Also it has never happened when I play online on a server.

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It’s a bug that’s been around since forever ago. In single player, there’s two other things you can do to try and mitigate this annoyance, besides killing yourself:

  1. If you quit the game and you’re inside your base, make sure you are directly facing a thrall that’s in front of you, and make sure there are no other thralls to either side in your “peripheral” vision (so to speak).

  2. Quit the game some distance away from your base, avoiding any human or animal camps in your immediate area. It doesn’t seem to happen if the game doesn’t need to load the environment where you’re standing inside a structure.

Thank you for providing additional information, we’ve forwarded it to the developers so that they can look into it!

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