Broken Neck Syndrome, Redux

Game mode: Online and Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: Any

Your character can get “stuck” with a broken neck (the head turned sharp to the right or left) and the only way to fix it is kill yourself, or relog / restart the game. This happens in both server and single-player/co-op.

I recall that an attempt was made at some point to fix this, but it looks like it’s back, if it ever really was fixed.


The images on the left are what it looks like when the head gets stuck in this position. The images on the right are how the character should look normally in that same stance.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Engage in combat or fall from a distance
  2. Head turns left or right
  3. Head stays in that position forever, looking like you’ve broken your neck

I don’t have anything to add, I just enjoy the fact they put a before/after picture. Nice quality bug post.

Hey @Megaton238

Thanks for the feedback, could you specify a bit more on how you trigger this issue in step 1?

It seems to primarily happen when coming out of combat or falling and taking damage, but unfortunately it’s not consistent. I think it’s also happened, more rarely, when moving a thrall. Once it happens though, it never reverts back to normal unless you die or restart / relog.

To follow up, it looks like it may actually not have anything to do with combat or falling damage. When I started my single player game and spawned in the world, the head on my character was turned like this right from the start. So whatever is causing this, it seems to be just random chance and something going sideways, so to speak.

Out of curiosity, I just left it like that the entire session to see if it ever “snapped back” and faced forward again. It didn’t. Once this happens, whatever is going on in your code, it thinks that this is the new default position for the head.

In SP such thing sometimes happens without any damage - just after login. There is animation when your thrall turns his head to watch you passing by… it seems to me that character tries to “watch” something during login (maybe some thrall or some placeable I don’t know) and his head gets stuck until relog.

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Thanks, we’ll inform our team :slight_smile:

Oh, I forgot to mention - I’m PC gamer, not console. It happens on PC as well.

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