Player killing thralls and animals in conflict mode while others are afk

Hello funcom team. I have some issues on Siptah official server 7021 conflict. There is one player killing new commers so i build a tower next to his base to attack him with catapult when pvp is on. The same player now build foundations all around my base so i can’t build around it anymore. I mean i did just build a tower to make a war not to block people base developpments.

Also i lost 2 thralls yesterday that where on Guard mode. So they should not be able to die. I dont know what happend then i see the ennemi player took my thralls armors and weapons. He even place them in front of his base with mannequins so that i can see them.

Thralls should only be killed in follow mode so i wonder what he did to kill them when i was offline.

I just want to ask if i need to report details like this because i dont think he play the game properly.

Thank you in advance , its been a long time since i ask funcom help. Have a good day.

Server : 7021 Siptah official conflict.

Clan name : MugiwaraKurosaki (my clan)

Player name : Yoruichi (my character)

The player blocking me and killing my thralls name is Tenebras and has no clan.

Hello sorry while i was typing this he added much more new foundations. So i filmed him building all around me and i will now send you the proof about what he is doing. He try to completely block my main base with foundations maybe he will build also walls.

This happens in Siptah 7021 conflict.

Map zone : M8 (next to the brother wolf dungeon) thanks for the help.

FW sorry i cant post the video in the e-mail i made other screenshots.

Hello Funcom. I just wake up today and the same player build more and more all around my base. I also lost 2 thralls yesterday in guard mode. Today i have 3 horses dead that where inside my base.

These 3 where inside my stable also guard mode. This player keep killing thralls and animals when we are offline.

There is 2 pictures of my stable my 3 horses where inside it. I think he summon demons and wait for them to become ennemies then let them kill my animals.


So these 3 text above are mails i send to funcom today. I did have no answer yet so i make a topic here. It seems like new members can’t post screenshots so i will wait until i can do that.

The player gamertag is “Mordenkainen” and his character name is “T3nebr4s”

Hope someone can help us there.

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This morning i connect and lost again 2 horses. I out these horses in the stable and screenshot they’r name yesterday. You can litteraly see the same name in the events tab. This same player keep killing animals and thralls when we are offline

What should we do exactly ? Funcom did not reply my mail send 4 days ago so if there is nothing changing me and my friend will just leave the game and let the toxic players play on they’r own. I mean i choose official server to avoid these kind of toxicity.

For some reasons i i can’t upload the 30 screenshots i made in game !

Now he just killed 7 of my animals in my city. I lost saberthoot , tiger , giant elephant , another tiger , black yeti , another tiger and a camel…

Is there someone ??

https ://

This is the player building around my base and blocking my expand. I still cant send the screenshots where he kills my animals and thralls. In total we lost 2 thrall and 12 animals already…

The public servers is where this toxicity lives. Private servers have active admin to ban toxic players.

Does that mean no one will come and i am just losing my time playing on official servers ? I mail funcom already 4 days ago and no one did answer me only some automatic response.

Did you use the in game report?
That goes to zendesk. Not saying it will solve the problem but you will get the auto response.
Usually takes a couple weeks to get a response that amounts to “we so busy, hope issues solved self, bye”.

I don’t even want to log in any more because funcom just can not do a proper job of admining their servers.

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In first place i send a mail to funcom. I did make a ingame report since yesterday only. (Did not know that feature)

Well if next week that player is still here me and my friend will just delete the game and play something else. I mean i buy every dlc and almost everything in the shop and we dont get any help from admins on official server that seems not right to me. I can’t even post screenshots here because i am a “new member” so i can’t give the proof wich is complete non sense. How do he kill my animals and thralls ? I dont get it this is a conflict mode pvp only happen from 18h to 23h and animals and thralls can only being hit if they are in follow mode. Here i was online farming stone at the other side of the map then i take my teleporter back home and i dont see my animals anymore and then open the event tab and read they all died like 30 min before i came back…

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As far as posting pictures. YOU need to browse the Forum a little bit so it realizes you are not a BOT. @Ichigokun069 Good luck Exile.

Thank you i will try this

Are there any big windows in your base where he could climb up to or fly up to with the bat spell?
Because gas arrows and gas orbs apply a cloud of gas that damages everything inside without a gas mask, and if you shoot or throw multiple of them on the ground it melts the healt bar of pretty much everything no matter how strong it is.
If your walls have only one layer he could even shoot them at the wall and thralls in the inner side close to that wall would still take damage.

So either make sure there is no way to get or even watch inside, or give your thralls a gas mask.

Edit: but of course the latter won‘t be a solution for pets.

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This is conflict mode gaz dont do any damage to thralls. Even in pvp time. Guard thralls or animals have no damage. He play with zombies everytime so i suppose there is a timer for them to lose his control so he just to that inside my base so they run and kill everything in sight. My base is not close at all and i know that gaz trick for 2 years. Thats only working to kill player with this server rules and we always sleep in safe place. My animals are there to decorate my structures they are lvl 0. The thralls i lost where both lvl 20 with legendary weapons and stuff so thats a mystery how he killed these two but he put they’r armor in front of his base with mannequins so i know he killed them. But they should not die facing silly zombies so he got maybe another trick i dont know.

There is a demon pet you can summon that turns hostile to everyone after a while.

He probably abuses those.

You can be lucky he has not figured out how to abuse the new purge to break your base.

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Is that not working with those zombies ? I dont even know how to summon zombies but i know the demon you talk about

These are my horses i did screen before and after they died. He did kill 3 horses 24 hours before those one so i made a trap and made up they’r names so we can see it in the even tab

These are full walls and foundations he build all around my main base wich block us to even decorate the outside walls

This is 100% a bannable offense. Wait until Funcom reacts. As others have said, Funcom takes some time, because they are FUNdamentally inCOMpetent.

Just spam them with images and videos. They will have to react.


Thank you for the help SirDaveWolf i really appreciate and hope they see this as quickly as possible because thats really annoying to play like this and wake up everyday losing everything we do

Just leave your thralls and pets inside for now. And make sure he can’t get inside to summon anything. As annoying as it may sounds, but as long as he is still around that is the best solution for now.

But yeah, be aware that he could build a coffer near by and the purge will attack your base then :confused: