Player killing thralls and animals in conflict mode while others are afk

Is the purge strong enough to attack my T3 walls ? Why do players play like this ?

As one said officials are often toxic, sadly.
I don’t know, maybe they release their anger about bugs and FC‘s sometimes weird creative decision making on other players.
Anyways, yes the purge can indeed destroy your base!
The game makes no difference between your base and the base of someone else.
He could place a coffer near by and call a lvl 10 purge, a lot of them will run for the coffer but depending on the AI some of them will go after your base. And as soon as they dealt with the defenseless coffer they will attack everything in range!
Some people just like to troll people i guess :man_shrugging:

Edit: and to be clear the destroyers can deal damage to your buildings!

No problem!

Also dont forget to always log out naked. :wink:


He is angry because 4 days ago he was sneaking around my base to kill us. I came out and manage to kill him myself. Since then i have all those toxic issue’s

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Ok i think i know now what kind of person he is.
He is one of those guys which got bullied and offline raided on PvP servers.
Annoying and frustrating indeed, but he is one of those guys that get really mad about it!
So he does the same on PvP-c now where he can hide inside his base, and pat himself on the back for his awesomeness :joy:

I’d kill him over and over again when the situation allows it. Always wait for him in PvP spec.


Tell him to come back to 2733. He and his friends are scared to face me and my clan. All they do is hide and use alternate gamertags to disguise who they are. If you manage to get him suspended/banned on his M0RDENKAINEN gamertag (previously EvilStron, before he changed the name), he’ll keep coming back with other gamertags. The best thing you can do is keep embarrassing him in PvP. They’re all terrible at PvP, especially now that they can’t use exploited Heritance maces, which didn’t help them against us anyway.


Since i killed him he is offline everytime when pvp is on. He is always alone his base has no clan tag. He message me once sending hearths and child stuff so i blocked him day 1.

When he fought me he had a full Strenght armor but was wielding a Agility katana. :sweat_smile:

Yeah, that sounds about right. They don’t understand how PvP works, so they grief/exploit instead.

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I found out he doesn’t like poison lmao


Hello Ichigokun069 welcome to the Conan Exile forums.

The only solution authorized by Funcom is the reporting of land claim abuse.
règles des serveurs officiel Funcom
for this contact support client .

Regarding the denunciation of toxic behavior this forun is not the channel authorized by FunCom .

Above all, do not respond to this player’s provocations by violating the TOS yourself.
This person could then use this pretext to have you suspended (given his behavior this would not be surprising).

Be patient until you get a response from funcom. provide all evidence (screenshot, video and other) when contacting Zendesk support.

Hèlas This kind of attitudes is frequent in PvP mode, what is the game.
As our exile friends we say above, some love to harm others just because they can be hidden behind their screen.
You had reacted to his attacks and killing his avatar, you had vexed it so he took revenge like a coward.


Hello mynotaure , no i won’t act like him as i am a mature person. I am farming stone all the day to build a new city with my best friend. We dont have time to act on a childish way like he do. I have also plenty animals in cold chests. I just try to have every “giant” form from each of them.

I will still hunt him if he connects within pvp hours without breaking any rules.

I did not know this was not the right channel for this kind of post. Sorry about that. No idea wich channel i had to go for this. Thanks for your reply anyway.

The only channel authorized by Funcom for the reports of toxic players is Zendesk.
Ironically this one send you back to Conan Exile’s forums .
I suggest you contact @Community to get help

I wish you good luck in front of this troll.
Finding an action on the part of Funcom , killing his avatar again and again, show him that you are a warrior and not a coward like him, generally this kind of individual fleeing direct confrontations

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They are not official servers. They are public servers, very much like public bathrooms with no attendant.

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Buenas tardes, te recomiendo borres el video y edites el nombre del jugador en el foro, por exponer en el foro a un jugador del server 1977 el cual hacia trampas demoliendo bases, robando y matando a los esclavos por medio del error de la purga, sufrí suspensión permanente yo, la damnificada por “acoso”, el acoso fue nombrarlos y grabarlos, Es probable que este jugador utilice el mismo método

Look i will not delete the video neither will change the player name. He keep killing my thralls and animals and break every server rules. I know many clans on the server and i did share with everyone of them the informations about this player so that everyone know about a toxic player on the server.

I am not going to delete anything until this guy get the right sanctions for what he is doing.


So there it is. I got snwer from funcom by mail telling me they where going on the map to “investigate”.

As a result absolutely nothing happend.

The guy base is still all around my main base.
The guy got nothing for killing animals and thralls.
He still connect at pvp time and was harassing 2 lvl 25 players that want to leave the game.

I dont even move to help them anymore since funcom dont even do anything to toxic players.

We have every evidence of them breaking the rules but its fine right ?

Must say in 28 years of gaming i never saw this before.

So guys dont worry kill people animals block they’r structure and glitch everything you can. Funcom doesn’t care at all they just give some automatic response and dont take any actions for people breaking the rules.

That guy is playing toxic on multiple server and never got banned anytime.


Really sad to hear that. I’m sorry for you.
You could use that purge trick against him and wipe him.
Or if you don’t want to play this dirty (but guys like him deserve this in my opinion) you have to wait until he gets bored. Or all people on that server unite against him.
Of course it would be better if FC solves the problem, hopefully it was just a delay that nothing happened so far.
Stay safe and take care fellow exile :metal:

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