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So me and a few buddies just started playing the game on official server 2731 for a week now it’s a PVE server with conflict haven’t seen anyone on but one guy scoping our base. We get back from running a boss fight and there is a guy waiting for us. He killed one of my buddies and then messages him. In his message he says move or be moved. My buddy writes back no and now as we speak he is building a giant wall of foundations to prevent us from playing the game. Not sure what y’all think but some input would be nice or a little help.

Only in the most nasty of cases (eg. wall around spawn) is it recommended to report these issues, but you are able to do so via ‘Griefing and harassment’, linked here:

personally i think this sort of play is rather sad, they cant destroy your base so trying to force you to move…

where have you built? is it near a world boss spawn? blocking something?

did they say why they wanted you to move? little more detail is needed really.

The server I play on 2732 PvE-C has a few based blocked off BUT this is because the people inside the walls were griefing others and causing trouble on the server and got a taste of what they dish out back, to this day they do not play on the server but log in to keep their base alive lol.

I would say the reason of this guy was to make the location his base once everything decays inside the walls.

thats why i was asking OP if they mentioned and for them to give more info…
If its just for land claim, well thats easy. just keep that base in tact and let them live with a giant wall, might stop you using it but stops them to lol.

If they build a massive wall already i would say they alrdy have a base them self so be odd for them to try and claim extra land but then again for some reason people love to have 100000 bases lol.

Built near the pocket in the highlands and we are not blocking anything. The guy said that it was legions area but where we built there was nothing there

Since I gave up on funcom banning or warning these types of players just do the same find there base and build a wall around there base if they built a wall around an obelisk just build a wall around there wall if they say you cant use it then they can’t either

Walling the guy’s base of is not going to solve anything. A number of players recommend playing on an active, dedicated server with an active admin. You’ll find some friends here too and a roleplay server, if it doesn’t sound interesting already, is always worth a try.

See the wiki page I linked for server lists and lfg places. Some of the active admins also promote their server on the discord.

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i have to say thats where you are wrong, the offical PvE-C server i play on the whole server teamed up against people that were doing this same thing… they ended up leaving the server cause their base was always walled off.

once his stuff decayed all the walls were taken down… it does work, as long as your not being a d*&k to him sending threats and hate messages in the process.

From reading the first post in this thread, I don’t expect there’s many people to team up with. I know teaming up against such players is being done, but I did not know it was done this particulair way.

unfortunately in most cases if talks with them fail its the only way to get them to stop.

The server I was on was almost made empty by one clan doing this, blocking obs, walling people in because they wanted that spot for their base etc.

talking with them to come to some arrangement always failed it was always (in this case) “our way or no way” so doing it back was the only solution left (aside from leaving the server… but every one had put in so much work no one wanted to leave) so every one teamed up and walled their stuff back in…

Made sure their was no gates or doors or anything, except for their main base, they were told these gates would be opened once they decided to take down all other walls etc. .(climbing out or in was made impossible thanks to spikes)… they refused that so doors were left closed and they were not able to play…

it is sad people thing they can bully players into giving them land space, and sad that this is the sort of retaliation that has to be given to keep servers nice.

I do think Funcom needs to have admins watching Offical servers that can go and investigate these sorts of things.


You could always suggest things on the suggestion subforums. We do have one of the reasons listed on the wiki if you want to know:

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