Players can kill Thralls on PVE-C when they are scouting

Game mode: [Enter game mode here: Online official
Type of issue: [Enter one of the following: Bug
Server type: [Enter one of the following: PvE-Conflict
Region: EU

On PVE-C you shouldn’t be able to kill someone elses Thrall. After it was possible for a short time after last patch, but has been fixed, but only if they are in guard.
If you have a Thrall on follow and get killed during pvp hours, your thrall changes its state from follow to scouting. In that state another player can damage and kill the thrall without getting attacked by it and take everything from your thrall. This happened to me already and griefers are using this to kill peoples thralls after they killed the player and take everything from the thrall inventory


Fixed an issue where thralls could be commanded to damage other players, but could not be damaged back. - PC update 16.06.2020

This is not a bug. This fix suggested that players could not damage thralls whilst being attacked by them and now players can defend themselves by attacking the thralls back.
Maybe it was implemented because posts like this:

Since it happens on PvE-Conflict servers and not PvE servers, I’m calling it a new feature.

This has nothing to do with grief.

Moreover, calling someone a griefer because they kill you on a PvE-Conflict server is laughable. Perhaps you should try a PvE server or a private one with custom rules.
I love that the game continues to change, but seeing players unable to adapt is pure cringe.


Are you sure it’s not a bug? I’ve looked at the patch notes and it doesn’t specify anything about PVE-C. Furthermore, I am unaware of any way to command a thrall to attack another player on PVE-C servers.

Except that @lanier67 didn’t call anyone a griefer because they killed the player, but because they used this bug to target people’s thralls.


This is not a bug. It doesen’t specify anywhere this is a pvp only feature. Furthermore clearly you haven’t done your research. if you command a thrall to attack a player in pvp time on a pve-c server, said thrall will attack the target and even do damage if successful.

This feature works as intended. Thank you funcom for making the game more immersive.


Hey there,

We’ll send this information to our team so they can look into it.
Thanks for the feedback.


I didn’t call player killing, griefing… read it properly. And btw, keep to the community guidelines and respond to the topic and not to players, as hard as it is sometimes. I didn’t name anyone in the forum.

This must be a bug :grinning:

Someone already killed two of my archers high up on a wall, nothing in the log.

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Clearly a bug. It makes no sense that the thralls could be killed when scouting. Why would someone spend many hours to level a thrall to 20, just to have it killed easily when it for some reason is scouting? That reason may be when it follows and the player is disconnecting, killed by mobs, killed by players, killed by falling from high places, drowning etc etc. Makes absolutely no sense at all. Thx for putting this up!


Maybe it’s because there I’ve seen nothing whatsoever in Funcom’s official patch notes that explained that PVE-C gameplay changed so that you can use followers to attack other players. Maybe it’s because you were being gratuitously rude to someone who did nothing to deserve it.

See above. Being unable to use your followers against other players used to be part of what made PVE-C different from PVP. That changed without being announced. It’s quite natural to assume that it’s a bug, since it shouldn’t have been too hard for Funcom to say “Hey, we’re changing the gameplay mechanics on PVE-C.”

I wouldn’t mind it if it was an official change, but for heaven’s sake, could we have some proper communication about it? And if it’s not a change, it’s a bug, so could we have some proper acknowledgment of that?

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