Players can't jon server and getting a msg their client is outdated

Hi all,

nothing changed server side but some players were kicked. When they try to rejoin the message occours that their client is outdated. Any help out there?

Thanks much in advance

An update just arrived in steam.

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update hype

Thank you…seems there is no documentation on this update right now.

The update arrived but very laggy to download from steam.

Anyone having same issue in here?

Mine downloaded fine but still haven’t found any notes on the update.

Forum has changed. Check the new ‘PC Discussion, section, I believe, for patch notes

When the patch dropped, my server updated to it, but it didn’t show in Steam. After I restarted Steam, it showed up and immediately downloaded it. Sometimes when a patch drops, an current Steam session doesn’t let you know right away. Restarting Steam seems to fix that issue. Hope that helps.

What I found most interesting was that I had a 1.4Gb update a teammate had only 200Mb and Selenes screen above shows 2Gb.

Mine was 40MB lol.


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