Players killed my Thralls PVE

Game mode: [Online
Problem: Bug
Region: EU

Thought this was supposed to be fixed? I see forum posts from almost a year to the month saying there was a fix incoming for it. But I logon today and everything I had that wasn’t in a completely closed building is dead. Log confirms it was a tribe still on the server. So do I have to now build storage just for thralls so some trolling little arseholes don’t decide they can’t pvp so go griefing on pve?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Sure they are not just leading world bosses or just basic enemies over?

Have had a number of my thralls killed by other players - namely by kiting bosses to them. This is on PC official PVE. Event log always says what killed the thrall but has never shown a clan name. Have had players apologise and say that they were going to die or needed the help. Others were just griefers that did it for their own amusement.

I’m glad this isn’t fixed as this is the only way to deal with people who block resources in PVE since there is no game admins

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