Players online (B) key no longer works

Before you used to be able to press the B key to see who is online, now that no longer works and you MUST press Escape key and choose player info (or something) to see who is online HOWEVER you have an invisible pop up right in the center of the screen which is annoying when viewing this.

Can we 1 key rid of that pop up box that has nothing at all but obscure the middle of teh screen and 2. get the B key working again pls :slight_smile:

Also having the same issue, B worked to bring up the player list but now it no longer does. Ive checked the keybindings to see if i could rebind it or reset it. clicking restore all setting to default doesn’t work. Also tried uninstalling and removing all Conan files and reinstalling, also didn’t fix it. Seems “B” was hard-coded in and we as players cant fix it. Same with “t”. Would love to get a solid answer on this.

I posted a resolution to this in another forum post take a look.

Same issue here. B no work… among other stacking issues.

thats fine but howd you expect anyone to find which topic and where that would be?